Local Links

The school seeks to develop links with the community that it serves. People living in the village are welcomed to the school for social functions and special celebrations such as Harvest Festival and Christmas. Visits from members of the local churches takes place on a regular basis for our school assemblies.


Global Links

Downe Primary School has linked with Msalura Primary School in Malawi. Over the past few years pupils at Downe have raised money which will be used to improve educational opportunities for pupils at Msalura.

For more information about Msalura and the linked schools project, please click the button below:

Click here for Msalura School website

October 2016- This year we will be supporting a new school in Malawi- Kaphatenga Primary. 

Click here to find out more about the work that Starfish Malawi do, and how money raised helps to support Education in Malawi.

External Links to Support School Work


Our School choir performed in a Christmas Concert with children from St Alfeges School in Greenwich.  We look forward to joining together for some more performances in the future.  Click on the icon above to find out more about St Alfeges School.